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November 03, 2004



Fantastic. I laughed heartily at that one. My guy is 8 months old (totally bald and just starting his two front teeth, no goldfish for us either) and I took him to watch the wonders of democracy in action as well. Daddy's not a citizen (thank goodness due to his totally wrong -- er, right -- political leanings) so it was up to me to teach our new son about the importance of voting. Into the booth we go, all ready to show him how its done, he grabs the side of the booth, gives it a good pull (while I'm busy setting up the card in the little machine), and down goes our booth, crashing into that of the voter next-door and earning looks of disapproval from my fellow voters (most of whom were also probably right leaning due to my voting district and unhappy about an obviously educated, young, forward thinking mother asserting her vote in the first place). So, don't feel alone, and by next time around that child's going to be out campaigning with me, so he'll be an old pro by the time we enter the booth.

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